Course: Social Communication (Qualification in Journalism 4 years – Bachelor’s degree)

Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Jociene Carla Bianchini Ferreira Pedri



The Course of Social Communication – Qualification in Journalism, of the University Campus of Araguaia, based on ethics and democracy, aims to train professionals capable and aware of their role within society and with full capacity for technical and scientific action.

Job Market

The Journalist is qualified to perform functions in the newsrooms and departments of communication companies in the publishing, radio, television and digital sectors. He acts as a reporter, editor, editor, editor, columnist, chronicler, designer, organizational communication departments of all public and private segments.


Theory of Communication, News Production, Reportage and Interview Techniques, Public Relations Techniques and Processes, TV Production and Editing, Brazilian Economics and Politics Topics, Visual Creation, etc.