Course: Pharmacy (4 years – Bachelors degree)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Victor Vitorino Lima



The Undergraduate Course in Pharmacy has as profile of the egress graduate / professional Pharmacist, with a generalist, humanistic, critical and reflexive training, to act at all levels of health care, based on scientific and intellectual rigor. Qualified to carry out activities related to medicines, clinical and toxicological analyzes and food control, production and analysis.
Thus, the general objective of the course is to prepare the pharmaceutical professional with scientific quality to work in the various fields of work and that it be based on ethical principles and understanding of the social, cultural and economic reality of its environment, directing its action for transformation Reality for the benefit of society.

Job market

The future professional pharmacist has possibilities of acting in more than 70 areas established by the Federal Council of Pharmacy; Among which are drugstores, pharmacies of manipulation, homeopathic pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, clinical analysis, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, state and federal sanitary surveillance, biotechnology, absorbing a large number of professionals placed on the market.


Disciplines related to production and quality assurance of raw materials, inputs and pharmaceuticals; Health and professional legislation; Study of medicines, dispensation and rational use of medicines; Hematology; Immunology; Parasitology; Pathology and Clinical Cytology and Toxicological Analyzes.