The Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation – PIBIC is a program of the CNPq, whose general objectives are: “To awaken the scientific vocation and encourage new potential talents among undergraduate students and contribute to reduce the average time of training of masters and doctors.”

Through this program scholarships are granted so that undergraduates can develop activities in research projects, guided by researchers with recognized scientific competence and orientation ability, who are exercising full activity of Research in the Institution. (RN 017/2006 – CNPq)

For the agreed institutions like the UFMT, the program goes beyond this initial purpose of qualifying the students for the graduate programs, bringing as a consequence the promotion of research, the increase Of scientific production and contributing to scientific development in general.

In the scope of student training, the program provides, in addition to learning techniques and research methods, the opportunity to develop scientific thinking and creativity through direct confrontation with problems .

In addition, the development of the discipline, the capacity for observation, reflection, discussion and analysis, which are inherent elements of the research process, enrich the range of skills of the future professional, Improving its performance in all areas of operation.