The Institute of Human and Social Sciences (ICHS) forms professionals capable of acting, in an innovative and effective way, in the areas in which human and social relations are privileged, starting Of everyday study to understand the macrostructures of society and its various manifestations.


Although the Humanities and Social Sciences are interrelated and always dialogue, and although the ICHS proposal is the promotion and strengthening of inter / trans / multidisciplinarity , There is a distinction between the two areas.


The Human Sciences study the human being as object of study, with focus in the human production, that is, they consist of researches and studies that treat, mainly, of the human aspects. Because the human being itself is complex, the Human Sciences also have a multiform and subjective character.


The Social Sciences study the human being, more specifically, the relations that characterize the social, cultural, economic and political organizations. In this process, research is developed to “solve” or minimize concrete problems in a social context.


The ICHS proposal of CUA / UFMT is to unite theory and practice so that academics can assimilate contents in a meaningful way, based on real contexts of life in society, to analyze , To judge and decide / opt for effective actions that contribute to social development, considering the alterity and the search for a more just and egalitarian society.


In the area of ​​graduation, ICHS offers the following courses:

  • Social Communication – Qualification in Journalism – Baccalaureate.
  • Right – baccalaureate.
  • Geography – undergraduate degree.
  • Letters – bachelor.

ICHS also promotes the Interactive ICHS program to disseminate information to the community: scientific (research projects, articles, etc.) , Extension (projects, courses, events, etc.), administrative (administrative procedures, meetings, etc.) of the ICHS; And aims to promote more interaction of the four Institute Courses and more dialogue with the university community and with the external community.


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Head of the Secretariat: Suelene Ananias da Silva
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Office Phone: (66) 3402-0722

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Direction Phone: (66) 3402-0704