Course: Food Engineering (4.5 years – Bachelor’s Degree)

Coordinator: Paula Becker Pertuzatti Konda



The course aims at the training of a professional capable of mastering food processing and preservation technology, from the selection of the raw material to the production, processing, preservation, packaging and distribution phases.

Job market

The professional will be able to work in the food industry, input and product industry (raw materials, equipment, packaging, additives), Service and Organization Companies and Public Institutions, Consulting and Technical Assistance or start your own business.


The first two years are basic training with classes in mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physicochemistry and thermodynamics. Afterwards, the curriculum emphasizes technical disciplines such as transport phenomena and unitary operations and those related to the production and conservation of various types of food.
Contents of the areas of economics and administration give grounds for the future professional to act in the industrial management, logistics of production and distribution, etc. Internship is compulsory in the last year of the course.