The Research Ethics Committee (CEP) is a multidisciplinary, independent, collegial body that must exist in institutions that conduct research involving human beings, created to defend the interests of research subjects in their integrity and dignity and to contribute to the development of Research within ethical standards (Resolution nº196 / 96 National Health Council).
The CEP of the University Campus of Araguaia (CEP / CUA / UFMT) is registered in the National Commission of Ethics in Research of the Ministry of Health (CONEP / CNS / MS), number 5587 since March 2012. The members The CEP / CUA / UFMT act to ensure compliance with CNS Resolution 196/96, were appointed by the Vice Rector according to Ordinance GR nº 0242/2011 of 03/03/2011.
The CEP is responsible for evaluating and monitoring the ethical aspects of all research involving human subjects. This standard is based on the international ethical guidelines (Declaration of Helsinki, International Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Beings – CIOMS) and Brazilian guidelines (Res. CNS 196/96 and complementary). According to these guidelines: “all research involving human beings should be submitted to the consideration of a CEP”.
The attributions of the CEP are of advisory and educational role, aiming to contribute to the quality of the researches, as well as the valorization of the researcher, who receives the recognition that his proposal is ethically adequate.

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