Course: Computer Science (4 years – Bachelors degree)
Coordinator: Rafael Teixeira


The Computer Science course aims to prepare a professional with solid multiDiscipliner training, theoretical and practical, involving computation, mathematics and related fields. For this it must have a strong training centered on the fundamentals of Computer Science, equally balanced in hardware and software .

To prepare a professional capable of understanding and discussing historical and humanistic aspects of Computer Science in the social environment to which it is inserted.

Furthermore, to train a generalist professional based on solid technical-scientific, managerial and social learning, able to develop new technologies and act creatively and critically in the identification of social demands and the sustained development of the region and the country.

Job Market

The Bachelor in Computing has the competencies to work in companies where computing appears as an end or middle activity within the productive process. This includes direct action in the development and maintenance of computer systems involving hardware and software, as well as in the administrative sphere interacting with the technical teams. The professional has the necessary basis to pursue academic career, as well as develop research activities with companies or linked to higher education institutions.


Mathematical Calculus, Physics, Mathematical Logic, Digital Logic, Computer Programming, Database Systems, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Compilers.