Course: Civil Engineering (4 years – Bachelors degree) – 2010

Coordinator: Susana Dalila Dolejal Berté



The Civil Engineering Course at Campus do Araguaia has the general objective of training professionals of higher education with a general education, based on solid technical-scientific, managerial and social learning, able to absorb and develop new technologies and act creatively and critically in the identification Social demands and the sustained development of the region and the country.

The egress professional should be able to identify and solve problems in the field of Civil Engineering, with creative and critical acting, being aware of the need for continuous and ongoing training. And, due to the great scope of this modality of Engineering, it should have a generalist, critical and reflexive formation to be able to travel in the other areas of knowledge, being prepared for works of a multidisciplinary nature. In addition, it is intended that the student / graduate / professional has general culture and knowledge of contemporary subjects to realize the impact of the solutions in Engineering.

Job market

The civil engineer can work on design, construction, inspection of works, expertise, planning and maintenance in the following areas and respective applications: materials, concrete industries, precast, structures, residential buildings, etc.


Construction Materials, Architecture and Urbanism, Construction Technologies, Solid Mechanics, Entrepreneurship, Theory of Structures, etc.