Course: Biomedicine (4 years – Bachelor’s Degree)
Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Ana Paula Morbio


The Biomedicine course trains Biomedical professionals, with a generalist, humanistic, critical and reflexive training, to work at all levels of health care, based on scientific and intellectual rigor, enabling them to carry out activities related to laboratory analysis, Molecular analysis, production and analysis of bioderivatives, acupuncture and image analysis, based on ethical principles and understanding of the social, cultural and economic reality of its environment, directing its action towards the transformation of reality for the benefit of society.

The course aims to prepare the Biomedicine professional to enable him to develop technical-scientific activities in the areas of Medical Laboratory, Administration, Teaching and Research, in the socio-political and cultural spheres, to satisfy basic human needs, respecting the ethical principles that the profession.

Job Market

The Biomedical professional is legally qualified to:

  • Being responsible for Centers of Laboratory Medicine
  • Acting in hospitals (public and private)
  • Acting in Acupuncture and Medical Clinics
  • Acting at Hemocentres
  • Acting in Research Centers
  • Acting in the Industry and Commerce of Products of Laboratories and Diagnostic Centers by Image


Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology and Embryology, Microbiology, Clinical Immunology, Parasitology, Human and Clinical Hematology, Radiobiology, Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging, Acupuncture, Laboratory Management and Quality Control, Medical Genetics, etc.